Australian Free Range

2x more space than the national free range standard *

Free range eggs laid by hens with so much space to roam

At Endless Acres Farms, we’re proud to give our hens extra freedom to wander and play, with twice as much space as
the National Free Range Standard requires. With less than 5000 hens per hectare, our happy hens spend their days
wandering our beautiful acres – producing delicious, nutritious eggs that taste as nature intended.

5000 hens per hectare
11 vitamins& minerals

Our hens have Twice as much space as the National Free Range Standard*

*National Free Range Standard 10,000 hens per hectare

Our eggs

Endless Acres Farms Free Range Eggs are a delicious, nutritious choice from breakfast to dinner, and are laid on our spacious farms by healthy, happy hens.

Set in gently rolling hills with wide blue skies as far as the eye can see, our farmer-owned business is proud to play a part in Australia’s food production – delighting Aussie families, one delicious egg at a time.

Available now from Woolworths in New South Wales
and Queensland

Fresh, nutritious eggs11 vitamins & minerals
eggs on toast

Welcome to endless acres farms

Everything we do here at Endless Acres Farms is tailored to our hens, and their health and contentment is our number one priority. That’s why we give them plenty of space to explore, and house them in safe, cool sheds at night.